An American Couple in Delft
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About Us

Several years ago, Lynn and I had the fantasy of someday maybe moving to Europe, perhaps in our retirement years. Lynn had been with IKEA from 1989 until the end of '96. She returned there in the spring of '02 and we started to talk about it again. In the fall of '03, she applied for a job in Japan. I was not happy: too much culture shock. It would have been a totally different way of life with a different language whose alphabet was unknown to us. Fortunately for me, they decided not to fill the job. But the exercise whetted her appetite.

In February ’04 she applied for two jobs, one in Delft, Holland, and the other in Luxembourg. The Dutch folks called and asked her to come over. The Luxembourg guys were non-responsive to that point so we came here to Delft for the preliminary interview in April. The day we got back, Luxembourg called and asked when we could come to Europe. So in June we were back. They also eventually chose not to fill the job which I was happy about.

The Dutch made the offer, she accepted, yada yada yada, and here we are.



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