An American Couple in Delft

Comment from a reader

I used the word "light-hearted" because that's what I was told. A reader in Belgium (M.S.) wrote to tell me about what he called "a slight but not trivial inaccuracy I spotted on the page where you write about 'The Clock' I want to point out to you that this is in fact not accurate at all. The home page of the Ampzing website states that they are a group which says they resent the fact that so many English words and phrases have been and are being introduced in Dutch even though there are very good and valid Dutch words and phrases to express the very same thing."

Inasmuch as I can't read the Ampzing website, I don't know first hand what it says but it's easy to believe there was something there that translated to "resent." However, there are different shades of meaning to the same words among people who speak English as a native language and those who do not, and from one language to another words don't always translate with precisely the same meaning. I infer from "resent" a degree of anger and hostility but I experienced none of that from the Ampzing members nor did they say anything about that. Perhaps it's similar to my own reaction to the phrase 24/7 which I really dislike but don't feel "resentful" about.

So I give my thanks to M.S. who was looking out, not only for truth, but for my best interests. He wrote, "I do hope that this may be helpful for you, even if it were only so you can explain the nasty comments you might get from the occasional group member feeling offended." I haven't received any nasty comments yet but if I do, I'll pass them on and share the love!


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